POEM: Macie Brown

child dreamNo child wants to grow up experiencing a struggle with mental health, poverty, addiction and prejudice. In my career working with young people there has never been an occasion when an elementary aged youngster asked for these misfortunes.

As we are about to enter a new school year let us remind ourselves of the potential that children have, as well as our obligations to ensure that they are given equal opportunity. Eventually all third graders grow up to be adults. For those who end up facing some of life’s more daunting challenges, it is important to show a bit of compassion and understanding. Sometimes it takes a child-like innocence to remind us that we are all in this together.

Macie Brown

A place not far away,
At hometown elementary school,
Children were coming back inside
Following some recess play.

After a brief refreshing snack,
Then drinks from plastic cups,
Students were all asked to share
‘what i’ll be when all grown up!’

Nicole and Armani spoke of athletics.
Tom and Sulina liked outer space.
Garrett wanted to be a fireman
And Shauna described owning mother’s place.

When nearly all had spoken,
Teacher was appreciative of the share,
Up stood little Macie Brown,
The last to leave her chair

“When grown up years from now
I want to be without friends –
Perhaps homeless, or addicted,
The last to leave her chair.
Maybe illness without end.

I’d reside in a shelter
Or prison better still,
Growing up all alone
Beneath the evening’s chill.”

Returning back to her seat
Classmates turned and stared
While Macie was merely wondering
If anyone truly cared.

Today there are many children
In each and every town –
Sitting in their tiny chairs
Who hear the words of Macie Brown.

Returning back to her seat
classmates turned and stared
while Macie was merely wondering
if anyone truly cared.

Today there are many children
in each and every town –
sitting in their tiny chairs
who hear the words of Macie Brown.

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