Want to repeal the Bush tax cuts in RI and solve our fiscal crisis? We can.

With our $295 million deficit, cuts looming on the horizon, and the only other revenue-raising plan (a relatively regressive sales tax) now seeming to buckle under public outcry, Rhode Island is in desperate need of a real solution to our fiscal situation.

Well, we have one! State Rep. Larry Valencia is currently drafting a piece of legislation that would function as a state-level repeal of the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy by raising the state income tax for Rhode Island’s highest-earners by the same amount George W. slashed their federal income taxes.

In this time of need, when small businesses, students, and working families are being asked to sacrifice, it is illogical that we wouldn’t also ask a little more from those citizens who have been receiving an immense windfall for the past decade thanks to President Bush’s tax cuts.

Representative Valencia’s bill is the only responsible answer to RI’s budget gap, and I sincerely hope our Democratic leaders in the Statehouse see this instead of working to defend the policies of George Bush.

But if this common-sense solution going to make it into the budget, it needs a strong organizing drive behind it. That’s where we need your help. Whether you’re interested in canvassing or phonebanking, helping with graphic design and literature, setting up a house party for your friends to spread the word, research, strategy, WHATEVER you can contribute, we NEED your involvement.

So please, shoot me an email at aaron.regunberg@gmail.com. I would love to sit down to talk about how you can best fit into our campaign. You can also ‘like’ our Facebook page (Rhode Islanders for a State Repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts) for campaign updates on actions, press coverage, and research.

Together, we can bring some sanity back to Rhode Island’s tax structure.

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Aaron Regunberg is a community organizer in Providence and a state representative in House District 4.

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