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  • There are no legal protections against workplace bullying

Jessica Stensrud is the co-coordinator of the Healthy Workplace Bill for RI, working with the Workplace Bullying Institute founded by Doctors Gary and Ruth Namie.

4 responses to “There are no legal protections against workplace bullying”

  1. dubnotdubya

    Sen. Ciccone against bullying? Really? I invite you to watch video of his testimony against marriage equality legislation in 2013. He was the lead sponsor of legislation to ban it and said plenty of nasty stuff about LGBT people.

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  2. salgal

    Bullies are people with low self-esteem, at the very least. I would hope when identified in the workplace, they are mandated to participate in some form of group intervention and therapy so that they can transition to a healthier future for themselves and everyone they interact with.

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  3. PinkHatLib

    “Verbal abuse, or Threatening, intimidating or humiliating behaviors (including nonverbal)”

    I’m struggling with this one. As an independent contractor, I would likely need to carry additional liability insurance if this were to pass, despite never intending to threaten or intimidate anyone. Feels a bit like a tax on the self-employed (paid to the insurance companies which is worse than a tax in that it doesn’t even benefit the victims of these attacks).

    Add to this that it appears to criminalize what I’d argue is normal behavior in many children. I have a child who comes into frequent conflict with the bus monitors. If the bus monitor claimed to suffer stress or other mental harm as a result of those conflicts, am I correct that I as a parent could find myself facing lawsuits or my child facing criminal prosecution? I don’t doubt that this could be wielded as weapon by those seeking to remove children with disabilities from classrooms or bus service.

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    1. PinkHatLib

      Well, appears the bill concerns the conduct only of coworkers btw (not say a kid on a bus)…
      “Abusive work environment”, an employment condition when an employer or one or more its employees, acting with intent to cause pain or distress to an employee, subjects that employee to abusive conduct that causes physical harm, psychological harm, or both;

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