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2 responses to “Pat Morgan is RI’s representative to ALEC”

  1. Sally Jane Wilson

    The depth and breath of what this woman does not know is awe inspiring, and I do NOT mean that in a good way. How could this tool have convinced enough people to vote for her to put her into office?!

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  2. cailin rua

    This post rings so hollow:

    ” “it also includes an eye-popping $23,000 dropped Friday against House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Cale Keable, a Burrillville Democrat, by Alan Hassenfeld’s RI for Gun Safety group. That will presumably have the effect of helping Keable’s GOP opponent, David Place . . .

    (Another gun-control group, Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund, says it qualifies as an exempt nonprofit and doesn’t need to disclose its political spending to the BoE.)”

    Ted Nesi is who he is, a right of center apologist for both neo-cons and neo-libs but at least he reports the news.

    The “Progressive Democrats” have become Hasbro, Incorporated. If you and the rest of the so called “progressives”(which includes Goldman-Sachs operatives coming in to take over Ward 3 in Providenece) were honest you’d brand yourselves the “Neo-liberal Party” but that is not what branding is all about, is it? Branding is about Rockefeller Republicans manufacturing misleading Orwellian names for their neoliberal projects.

    Is Alan Hassenfeld even a taxpaying R I citizen?

    Hassenfeld gives these so called progressive groups, part of Sam Bell’s “coalitions”, 87,000 dollars in four legislative districts and 23,000 for one seat in Burrilville???????

    As far as Morgan is concerned “different” does not always mean better but in this case, maybe:

    “7. Vin Marzullo, the independent trying to unseat GOP Rep. Patricia Morgan in West Warwick, took an interesting tack in a news release this week: “Marzullo Questions Morgan’s Support for Tolls.” Say what? Few lawmakers have been more vociferous than Morgan in opposing truck tolls, after all. But Marzullo was making a different argument: “In the last legislative session, Pat Morgan co-sponsored H 7340, a bill that would authorize the state of Rhode Island to surrender its roads, bridges, airports, parking lots, and other critical transportation infrastructure to private, for-profit ‘development entities’ with full authority to level tolls.” As evidence, he pointed to the private Indiana Toll Road, which filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Morgan did not reply to a request for her response.”(again from Nesi’s piece linked to above)

    The tolls and Hassenfeld interference in R I politics in districts that massive redevelopment is planned for , particularly around Olneyville, is all about obtaining influence over the public policy in these districts and providing funding which will be lacking because of the kinds of tax policy people like Hassenfeld push for. Hillary Clinton says she wants to “marry the public w/ the private”. What we have is Indiana Toll Road advocacy vs. Indiana Toll Road Lite – an incremental approach to getting us into a complete surveillance state and government run by corporations under a so called Democracy that resembles Dancing With the Stars.

    I don’t know what happened to this site. I thought I had finally been banned from it. It would probably be a good thing if I were. I cannot go to this site, which claims to be about equality and justice but which, it is now obvious to me, only exists to serve an elite who play a very calculated game of stirring up the natives with cold calculating identity politics which is funded by people who don’t pay taxes or even have to do an accounting of what amounts to bribes by people like Hassenfeld and Bloomberg. It turns my stomach.

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