Feds mount last-ditch effort to stop children’s constitutional case

Feds mount last-ditch effort to stop children’s constitutional case

On Thursday, October 18, 2018, for the second time in three months, the Department of Justice asked the United States Supreme Court to circumvent the ordinary procedures of federal litigation and stop the constitutional case ​Juliana v. United States, ​involving the substantive due process and equal protection rights of children, from going to trial. Claiming […]

Source U.S. Intelligence Community

National Defense Authorization Act of 2018, a recurring bipartisan crime

On July 14 the US House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2018;  Ayes 344, Noes 81. Among the 117 Democratic aye-sayers was Congressman Jim Langevin. Congressman David Cicilline opposed the bill. The White House had requested $600 billion, but House members generously added an extra $100 billion. Nobody knows how much money is […]

What the AP fails to mention about escaped Colorado methane

What the AP fails to mention about escaped Colorado methane

“Natural gas found in western Colorado home, water well,” reads the title of an Associated Press news bulletin. “State officials say natural gas has been found in a home and an abandoned water well in the western Colorado town of De Beque,” reads the story. “Lack of smell implies that the gas found in the […]

Incremental change is yesterday's news

Incremental change is yesterday’s news

Mark and Paul Engler’s This Is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the 21st Century has been getting rave reviews from exactly the right people.  Naomi Klein, author of the Shock Doctrine and of This Changes Everything called it: Absorbing… Ambitious… Indispensable.  A genuine gift to social movements everywhere. Bill McKibben of 350.org said: […]

From left to right Tom Rice, Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse on a tour of an innovative coal-fired power plant. (CBC)

Green economy: power to the people

A local, worker-owned, green economy is the do-or-die alternative to globalized capitalism.  The claim that the choice is between jobs and the environment is bipartisan, “larger-than-usual deception.” The Solutions Project estimates that a Rhode Island water-wind-sun energy transition will create 13,000 forty-year jobs, 7,500 in construction and the rest in operation.  Compare this to the 300 three-year […]

Health impacts of Invenergy's Burrillville power plant

Health impacts of Invenergy’s Burrillville power plant

Woonsocket may sell water to Invenergy to cool its gigawatt power plant in Burrillville. For citizens’ input, the Woonsocket City Council will hold public hearing this Friday, January 6, at the Woonsocket High School. Of course, water is not the only issue. Woonsocket has five fracked gas power plants within five miles from its center.  […]